The Night G-Kloth was Born!

On one of Tiba's many road trips across the US of A, GKloth was born out of a since of desperation. A desire, an urge, a since of needing to artistically and creatively satisfy the ego. For someone who was far from the consumerist, GKloth was a way of challenging himself to Brand, to expand and to produce Quality work that wreaks of simplicity and versatility.

G Kloth G Kloth, who is G Kloth? GKloth is a lifestyle brand, tagged #RevolutionaryFabric, famed for its authentic line of Afrikan inspired clothing. Not just the external fabric but the internal fabric, as it seeks to ignite the revolutionary inside you. We create the molds and do not settle into mediocre. We come in peace and will raise hell to get it! 😎

We're goal-diggers, trendsetters and problem solvers alike. We're Gentleman, Girls and Gangstas alike. We're Globetrotters! We're Supporters, builders, entrepreneurs, musicians, planners, developers, attorneys, citizens, franchisees, Artists, producers, writers, doctors, astronomers, chemists, physicists, architects, scientists, creators, avtivists, teachers, students, employers and employees alike. We are Parents, Siblings, Children and the extensions of a larger collective Family.

There is no requirement to be a Nu-G or to help build the nation of *"NuGia". You do not have to wear a Dashiki or even clothes at all 😆! You just need to carry yourself in such a way that when you enter a room, situation or dilemma your aura and actions promote growth, excellence, confidence and results. Be the Life of the Party! We set the tones!

GKloth is building it's own "Smart" Brand, is the ultimate Think-Tank AND an all-inclusive design warehouse where authentic up & coming Creators, Visionaries and Artists can display and sell their work. Sort of like an Amazon for the budding entrepreneur and consumer of high quality products.

We Love, We Learn, We Grow,We Evolve.

 *GKloth is in its infant stages and is welcoming the world of creators into it's building process. Why not be a shareholder?*