Marry that Girl! Marry that Man! - Part 1

Let’s assume we all agree with the phrase you are “Single until you’re Married” …

Let’s be honest, in world history, we don’t know of many single Kings or Queens, let alone any. Yet, a semi-new phenomenon in terms of endearment is to call each other King or Queen. I will address my issue with that terminology shortly.

Correct me if I’m wrong but in order to achieve the ultimate forms of success, at some point, we all need compatible counterparts. We need to be able to go out into the world, humbly with our egos and accomplish tasks & goals and then return home to some supportive form of balanced “Love” that comforts yet pushes us to be and do better from a different perspective. The ultimate form of the latter run-on sentence is Marriage. What better institution could make us whole?! My argument is; if you find a good Woman, you marry her. If you find a good man, say yes when he asks. “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Being single holds some value but Becoming One with another being holds a higher aptitude for Greatness. Being single with children is not okay either as children should experience that same balance of Love. Hence the phrase, “No Sex before Marriage”. We have spoiled ourselves to the point where we think we have to experience so much before we commit to the Next Level. Now, I suggest you be in love on multiple levels: with yourself, the physical, emotional, spiritual, physiological and psychologically in love with another before you marry but all this is another story for another time. 

In general conversation, I’ve found that some of my peers (25-35) are praising the wholesingledom phase. I use the word “phase” heavily. I understand freedom of speech, thus I will only speak for myself in saying I will not call a single person a King or a Queen. King or Queen of what, your own domain? Ha! Okay, in that case, I get the context. I also get that a lot of us need little confidence boosters, so it helps that our peers call us by highly favored titles. This is not a suggestion to settle or to hurry up and tie the knot. This is also not a shot at the single population in general. If you are single and on your deen or living in your purpose or walking your path and you OWN it, then more power to you. Its’ not unusual that during that walk you find a mate, if you aren’t already in love with someone and you’re not pursuing it. But you must Own it. And you must know that you are more powerful when you are properlyUnified. The same principles apply in business. Own it, and when the opportunity is a match and is great, commit!

Real Gs’ get Married. Real Gs’ take care of their responsibilities. Real Gs’ are Nation Builders. Nation Builders are examples of Greatness by way of Unity.

The most powerful individuals in the world are married. This is a debate that in order to be the most successful, accomplished and powerful individual in your particular area of expertise, you need to have a mate that compliments, understands and holds you accountable for greatness. It’s that, along with the balance of pleasure and comfort a true mate contributes. 

History shows us that leaders are more trusted when matched with a Wife or Husband particularly in American politics. A First Lady is always apart of a Presidential Campaign. In the NBA, 3 time champion and arguably the best basketball player in the world LeBron James is married with Children. Even Michael Jordan in his prime. And you could say the same about anyone who would be considered the best in the world during any given sports season.

Not that money is everything but we will close with the following statistics.

the wealthiest people in the world:

1.       Bill Gates 77.5 Billion – Married

2.       Carlos Slim Helu & Family 72.3 Billion – Widowed

3.       Warren Buffet 65.4 Billion – Widowed

4.       Amancio Ortega 63.4 Billion – Married

5.       Larry Ellison 51.1 Billion – Divorced

Youngest Billionaires:

1.       Mark Zuckerberg Age 30 $26.3 Billion – Married

2.       Dustin Moskovitz Age 29 $6.3 Billion – Married

3.       Albert von Thurn und Taxis Age 30 $1.6 Billion - Single

4.       Anton Kathrein Jr. Age 29 $1.4 Billion – Married

5.       Perenna Kei & Family Age 24 $1.3 Billion - Single

Marry that Girl! Marry that Man! 


by Atiba Jaweh